Little did he Know

An interesting story has come in to the Heritage Trust mailbox from long time Roughyed supporter and season ticket holder Jack Butterworth.

A few years ago I was working on a trade show at the NEC in Birmingham and met a man who I knew well but only saw from time to time. He is a Birmingham lad.
The conversation went.
You are from Oldham aren’t you?
Do you follow the rugby?
Do you remember a player called Sid Little?
Yes I do.
He is my father in law. Was he any good?
I enlightened him on how good his father-in-law was.”

A powerful second-row forward with a good turn of speed, Sid played 249 matches for Oldham between 1952 and 1959.

Along with Charlie Winslade and Derek Turner he provided the Roughyeds with a fearsome ‘back three’ that was the envy of the league.

He played ten times for Great Britain and made eight appearances for Cumberland county.

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Sid scores behind the posts against Warrington at a packed Watersheddings on September 14th 1957 and below you can see a brief video of that very try.